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We still have a great inventory of rentals available. Most vary from 2+ weeks to a month or the entire summer. There is a variety of price ranges, locations and size and the best thing to do is reach out to myself, Meg or Ace and we can assist. Not all rentals are on the website, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for please contact us.

Jim Reid 860.885.9880 or jimreid@mysticislerealty.com

Meg Atkin 203.470.3622 or mrafiny@gmail.com

Ace Ahrens 203.613.7181 or andrew.ahrens1@gmail.com

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  Description Location
rental_thumbnail #6 On Chocomount Beach
Availability: August 2017
East End - outstanding water views
rental_thumbnail #18 A Grand Property located on Brooks Point
Availability: July for 2 weeks or the month
East End
rental_thumbnail Woodside Cabin
Availability: Flexible during the summer
East End near the four corners
rental_thumbnail #87 On Chocomount
Availability: June until July 25th 2017
East End
rental_thumbnail #76 Great Location and on the Sound
Availability: July 1 - July 22 2017
On Fishers Island Sound
rental_thumbnail #13 Near Town and 5 bedrooms
Availability: June or July 2017
West End
rental_thumbnail #66 West Harbor Views
Availability: 8/16 - 9/4 2017
West End
rental_thumbnail #10 Water views - 3 Bedroom
Availability: July or August 2017
East End on Isabella Beach Road
rental_thumbnail #12 West End 5 BR - Private
Availability: June to July 12 2017
West End
rental_thumbnail #4 On West Harbor with Dock
Availability: June or until July 20 2017
West End - West Harbor
rental_thumbnail On Barlow Pond
Availability: Mid to late August 2017
East End
rental_thumbnail #22 Near town, 4 BR, well maintained
Availability: 8/7 - 8/22 2017
West End
rental_thumbnail #1 Balcom/Crisp Boat House
Availability: June or July or end of June until July 10
East Harbor
rental_thumbnail #25 Treetops - New Dates
Availability: August and maybe July 2017 2+weeks
West End
rental_thumbnail #26 West End Two Houses
Availability: Available during the summer but not (7/15 - 7/31)
Located between the ferry and town
rental_thumbnail #71 The Stable
Availability: 2017 - any 2+ weeks (not 8/1 - 8/18)
West End, near HHC with Water Views
rental_thumbnail On Hay Harbor
Availability: August until LD
Tennis Racquet Island 3 BR
rental_thumbnail #75 Cottage 1
Availability: August 8/1 - 8/15
West End Shingle Hill
rental_thumbnail Outstanding views and House
Availability: 8/8 - LD
Southside, East of Isabella Beach
rental_thumbnail Large House - East End
Availability: 6/28 - 7/18 or 9/6-9/26 2017
Overlooking Middle Farms Pond
rental_thumbnail #24 One Bedroom Cottage
Availability: Any 2+ weeks 2017
East End, elevated views
rental_thumbnail Near Hay Harbor
Availability: June 30 to July 14 2017
West End
rental_thumbnail #91 Located next to Hay Harbor and on the water
Availability: Summer 2017 or the month of July or August
West End
rental_thumbnail #16 Large House near Middle Farms on the South Shore
Availability: August 9 to Sept. 13
East End - Southern Exposure
rental_thumbnail Studio Apartment
Availability: Off Season
West End across from the FIYC
rental_thumbnail #100 The Reid Barn
Availability: Off Season
West End across from the FIYC
rental_thumbnail #101 Modern, Clean and Fresh, 4BR house w/ Cottage
Availability: Shoulder Season
East End, Great views just pass the Big Club
rental_thumbnail #70 The Big House
Availability: Sept. 2017
West End on the Water
rental_thumbnail Four Winds
Availability: June 2017
Near Hay Harbor Golf Shop