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An interesting article from the NL Day
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The following article was written in the Patch section of The New London Day.

"One of the most incongruous places I’ve seen New London pop up is the book Edie: American Girl, in which iconic ‘60s party girl Edie Sedgwick’s friend John Anthony Walker recalls inviting Sedgwick to Fishers Island for the weekend. After arriving in New London, Sedgwick characteristically missed the ferry. “New London’s a strange town to be caught in if you’ve missed the ferry., Walker said. “A railroad town; a harbor stop. In the old days what I would have done was spend the night at the Mohican Hotel...the Mohican was big and old and very nice, but it was not the sort of hotel Edie would be caught spending a night in.” Walker instructed Sedgwick to catch a plane from Groton, but “O’Neill’s foghorn was blowing wildly” and the pilot would not land in such bad weather. Walker fretted, but Sedgwick made it across the Thames in style, on a yacht belonging to multi-millionaire businessman, ambassador, sportsman, publisher - I could go on -Jock Whitney."